J.S. Bach: Church, Court & Coffee: complete!

It’s been a week since our last concert, J.S. Bach: Church, Court & Coffee, in the Stoke Newington Town Hall, and I thought I’d share some photos and comments from the event.

It was a really fun morning with some wonderful music, and the audience seemed to enjoy the setting and the dramatic presentation of the Coffee Cantata. The three singers, soprano Susan Gilmour Bailey, tenor Mark Dobell and baritone Thomas Guthrie gave a fantastic performance, which also involved quite a few members of the audience as potential suitors for the wayward, coffee-addicted daughter, Lieschen.


Battuta in rehearsal at the Stoke Newington Town Hall

George Crawford & Persephone Gibbs (violin), Alfonso Leal del Ojo (viola), Joe Crouch (cello), Christine Sticher (bass), Steven Devine (harpsichord), Katy Bircher (flute)

Battuta's fantastic bass section: Joe Crouch and Christine Sticher

Battuta's director, violinist George Crawford, in rehearsal

Harpsichordist Steven Devine plays Bach's Prelude & Fugue, BWV 866

Susan Gilmour Bailey and Battuta perform J.S. Bach's Coffee Cantata

Soprano Susan Gilmour Bailey as the coffee-addict daughter, Lieschen

The grumpy Schlendrian (Thomas Guthrie) selects members of the audience as potential suitors for his coffee-addict daughter, Lieschen (Susan Gilmour Bailey)

The narrator (Mark Dobell) serves coffee to Lieschen (Susan Gilmour Bailey)

Our brilliant harpsichord technician, Edmund Pickering, with some inquisitive onlookers

An audience member’s drawing

A young audience member's drawing of the Coffee Cantata concert

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