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She’Koyokh, Live in Hackney

She’Koyokh, Live in Hackney

three4 Up Close and Personal

Palisander Beware the Spider!

Jally Kebba Susso

Palisander Recorders Hackney Proms

Jally Kebba Susso Hackney Proms

Jally Kebba Susso Hackney OProms

Introducing the Children’s Policy

If you bring children to the Hackney Proms, you might like to take a look at our new Children’s Policy. We love providing music which the whole family can enjoy, but we also want to ensure that the performers and other audience members are not disturbed. Following feedback we’ve received, we have put together a […]

J.S. Bach: Church, Court & Coffee: complete!

It’s been a week since our last concert, J.S. Bach: Church, Court & Coffee, in the Stoke Newington Town Hall, and I thought I’d share some photos and comments from the event. It was a really fun morning with some wonderful music, and the audience seemed to enjoy the setting and the dramatic presentation of […]

The Hackney Proms

The Hackney Proms brings affordable live music to different venues around Hackney.

Upcoming concerts: